Get Cozy - Winter Home Photo Session

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Meet the Couple

Deborah and Gustavo got married in Brazil, in a beautiful ceremony with their friends and family. They share so much love in their house that as soon as I stepped in I could feel it.

There's not enough words to describe how I could feel their love even meeting them for the first time


When Deborah inquired for her session she immediately mentioned about their anniversary and how amazing it would be to celebrate this moment with a photoshoot at their house with their best friend. YES- I did say best friend. And with that being said, I should introduce you to the star of this show, because from now on, this session has a whole different meaning. Please meet...

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And as the star of the show, this cutie stole my heart in seconds. I had the perfect hello, with the perfect amount of love and belly rubs on this girl.


And as the star of the show, this cutie stole my heart in seconds. I had the perfect hello, with the perfect amount of love and belly rubs on this girl.

dog looking at the camera pet photography Leticia Souza photography


Honestly, your photographer right here, LOVES animals. The only reason for me to not have a dog on my own is the amount of traveling I do. But seriously - look at this face. Callie is about 1+ year old who of course doesn't know her size yet and loves to take all the space that she deserves.

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As I love to photograph pets, time and patience is KEY. This girl knew exactly what I was doing and without any second of thought she was POSING.


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Personalized Environment:

Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. Having a photo session at home allows you to incorporate your personal space into the photos, creating a backdrop that is uniquely yours. This can add a more intimate and meaningful touch to your pictures.

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Comfort and Relaxation:

Being in the comfort of your own home can help you feel more relaxed and at ease. This can lead to more natural and authentic expressions, capturing genuine moments without the potential awkwardness that may come with posing in a studio or unfamiliar location.

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Memories in Familiar Spaces:

Home is where many significant moments happen. Capturing photos in familiar spaces can evoke memories and emotions that are tied to those locations. Whether it's in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, these images can tell a story and preserve the memories associated with your home.

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Creative Control:

When you have a photo session at home, you have more control over the environment, lighting, and props. You can choose specific areas of your home that you find aesthetically pleasing, play with natural light, and incorporate meaningful objects or decorations. This level of control can contribute to creating photos that align perfectly with your vision.