New York City

New York City, with its dazzling skyline, vibrant neighborhoods, and endless cultural offerings, is a playground for romance. Whether you're strolling hand in hand through Central Park or sharing a candlelit dinner with a view of the city lights, the Big Apple offers an abundance of opportunities to create unforgettable moments with your significant other.

Here's a curated list of romantic date ideas, sorted alphabetically, A to C , to help you plan your next adventure in NYC:



Take your partner to a fun Arcade to play games, grab a bite and hav some drinks. Best spots in NYC are:

  • AREA 53

Artistic Adventure

This works if you are an artistic person yourself or to just look around and have fun with your partner. New York City is full of amazing places to explore and get creative. Whenever you're around, make sure to check this spots:

  • MUSEUM OF SEX (Trust me, it is very artistic in a very sexy way)

Afternoon Stroll

Exploring New York City on foot ? I got you! There's so many amazing walking distance places you should definitely check it out:

  • THE HIGH LINE - walk your way down to the west village/meat packing district and explore the various places around. You can stop at Little Island, Chelsea Market, Starbucks Reserve and more.
  • CENTRAL PARK - walk in your into many movies and tv series background. Make sure to visit the Bethesda Fountain and Terrace. Along with the bow bridge and check the amazing skyline along the way
  • DUMBO - are you ready to experience amazing views and great culinary all at once ? Start at Washington street and take a selfie in front of the amazing view of the Manhattan Bridge, walk down the street to Pebble Beach where you can see Manhattans skyline and the beautiful Jane's Carrossel. Stop at the TimeOut market for lunch and head to Brooklyn Bridge.



Head to New York favorite beaches to enjoy a sunrise or sunset. Summer is almost here and for that reason, here's my favorite places to check it out:

  • CONEY ISLAND (Brooklyn) - you want to check out Luna Park and their amazing views.
  • JONES BEACH (Long Island) - one of my favorite spots for couples photography.
  • FIRE ISLAND (Long Island) - seriously, if looking for an adventure, you will want to take the day to visit the amazing waters of fire island.


This is the time of the year where the botanical garden is always an amazing place to visit. Here in New York City you can find many places to go such as:



Coffee Shop

If you are looking for a chill place to sit and talk but also explore around the city. Here's a list of my favorite coffee shops you have to try:

  • FELIX ROASTING CO - aesthetic pleasing with a strong coffee for the ones who love it.
  • REMI43 FLOWER AND COFFEE - haven't been yet but this have been in my MUST GO list for so long. So if you go, please share with me your thoughts.
  • STARBUCKS RESERVE - overly priced ? YES. aesthetic please? OH YES. I usually bring my couples here before our during our session. It's a great place to co-work or have a couple photography session. must visit

Central Park

How can I NOT include one of favorites places of every New Yorker ? This is the place for you to exercise, explore, pass by or even SHOP. Central Park has it all. Here is some places for you check it out while visiting the park:

  • BETHESDA TERRACE AND FOUNTAIN (where the picture above was taken)
  • SHEEPS MEADOW - is picnic your vibe ? find the best spot under a tree in the hot day of our summer for the best picnic date in the city
  • THE MALL - take a stroll under the beautiful trees and enjoy the artist selling, singing, performing in this area
  • THE LAKE - enjoy a boat ride while people watching

Catch a Ferry

Cheap dates while seeing amazing scenic views of the city ? YES PLEASE. One my favorite things to do and recommend to tourists visiting the city.

  • WALL STREET (pier 11) TO BROOKLYN NAVY YARD - ($4) enjoy this beautiful ride underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge
  • STATEN ISLAND FERRY - This is a FREE ride and you can see the Statue of Liberty so close to you


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